What is the greatest gift a child can give her mother?

@levanueb (132)
July 29, 2009 3:16am CST
We have only one mother. We cannot replace her. I know everyone will agree with me that we are more closer to our mother compared to our father, right? How can you show your affection and love to your mother? What is the greatest gift we can give to our mother? Show your love to your mother before it's too late!
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31 Jul 09
I think i would have to say love. There is no other feeling in the world like knowing that your child loves you, those moments when they see you and they give you a beaming smile just melt your heart. I think though as children grow older the best gift that they can give their mother is respect also, respect is very important for keeping the harmony in parent/child relationships, as it is with all relationships in life
@shhheila (1847)
• Philippines
29 Jul 09
the greatest gift a child can give to her mother is LOVE. mothers love their children unconditionally, so children should give love too. being caring and obedient and being a responsible child will make our mother happy.we can only have one mother and we should treasure her coz no one can replace her! only her in the entire world.
• India
29 Jul 09
@sarojInc (570)
• India
29 Jul 09
It depends . but as for me I would simply listen to everything she says .Go for everything she wants.I feel I haven't done that earlier. Thats a very different feeling in itself. I feel the best gift you can ever give to yourself is 'you' yourself and the time(time is precious) This is my personal opinion .And I don't disagree others.
• China
29 Jul 09
I think it's love. The best gift a child could give his mother should be love. When his mother is tired, he could give her a kiss to release her tiredness, when she is sad, he could be with her.