How fast does your anger subside?

July 29, 2009 7:34am CST
I am a person that does not get angry very fast. I can say, I think for reasons why things happen so I don't react negatively right away. But when I get angry, it means I have reached a certain emotional limit. It is not a pleasant time for me and for those around me. And when I get angry, it does not subside easily. My husband used to fret because after he said sorry after an argument, I wouldn't give him the satisfaction that he wants that everything is alright, if not everything is alright for me yet. I say I undergo a process of subsiding of my emotion and you have to let me experience it or else the anger will still be obvious. I manage my anger by withdrawing from people. I hate to say things that I will soon regret so I just walked out and let the steam out by myself... I also often talk to God about my anger and the situation. After that I will be better.
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@cream97 (29166)
• United States
16 Apr 11
Hi. beaushell. I get angry a lot too. When I get upset, I will get very quiet. I will not talk or make a comment about anything at all. I will be highly upset! My anger will be really quick and then it will rise. When I am upset about something, you will know it for sure. Once I calm down and come to my senses, I will ask God for forgiveness so that I can have some encouragement. I then will not say anything, I will move on.
@chiyosan (30198)
• Philippines
10 Apr 11
my anger subsides really fast. i never stay angry for a long time.. it won't even last an hour, i believe. i know it only stands for about 15 minutes max...