how many of you prefer to work at home done to go outside?

@cindy27 (130)
July 29, 2009 9:21am CST
after my graduation about more that 4 yrs now... i never rest for any vacation because im so excited to have a job. and so after that i started working then until last december (after receiving all bonuses). then i feel so tired and felt like not enjoying my job anymore. Im burn out so i resign.. until now im just doing part time job and most likely stay at home to do them but no matter what i do i cant finish my goal in receiving the same amount of money compare with while im still working at the office. now im in thinking of going back to the office but when im at the job offer i cannot sign up again for another contract because of hassle of required time unlike like this present life i have. i hold on my own time. what about you? whill you go for job at home with lesser pay. Or go on another regular job but you know your half hearted about it? do you think i should still give my self another more months until December again and see if i could reach my previous salary?
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