Schumacher makes shock return to F1

July 29, 2009 12:33pm CST
After it was announced that after the horrific accident Felipe Massa is unlikely to race again this year, Michael Schumacher is making a shock return to F1 as a driver for however long Ferrari need him. With the summer break coming and the ban on in season testing it's going to be difficult for him to become re-acustomed to the car. But here's the thing, I feel really sorry for Massa and hope he recovers soon but it also means we get to see Schumacher versus Hamilton and with both teams cars starting to perform well this could be a seriously exciting battle. Is anyone else excited to see Schumacher's temporary return and the possible battles on the track?
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29 Jul 09
It could be just the thing that Formula One needs. Can you imagine how many more people will be watching the European Grand Prix at Valencia now that Schumacher is back? I hate the guy (he is far too arrogant for my liking) but it will be great to see him back and see how he does against the new generation of drivers. If he does well it would not surprise me to see him make a permanent comeback. Oh and I hope Massa makes a full recovery and is able to drive again someday.
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@mysdianait (64056)
• Italy
16 Aug 09
I am a wee bit scared at the thought of him coming back. He had made a decison and it seems a bit like tempting fate to me. I have my fingers crossed that he will continue to be a hero during his life and not a hero before his proper time is up
@99Dartz (28)
• Indonesia
4 Aug 09
Yess, I am excited that Schumi is back. I would like to see him beat all youngster at their prime
• India
29 Jul 09
Ya i am excited to see him back. He is the best rider.