More To Love?

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July 29, 2009 1:54pm CST
Did anyone watch the new dating show "More to Love" on Tuesday? I wanted to watch it but I got stuck having to work. Basically its like the bachelor but instead of gorgeous skinny stick women, it has real women and curvier gals. I don't really know much other than that as I didn't get to watch it. Is it worth watching? Or is it just a dating show to exploit fat girls? I hope its worth watching.
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1 Aug 09
I watched the show, and I thought it was a good show. The man is very sweet, but he did seem to send the biggest girls home first. I am over weight myself, but I have never had trouble finding a man. The women do have alot of insecurities, and most have never had a boyfriend. I think the show will be an emotional rollercoaster for these women with issues. Overall entertaining.
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7 Aug 09
My daughter and I both watched it together. Did you notice that most of the girls he sent home were blondes? He must have a preference for brunettes. How refreshing! I agree though that it's a self esteem problem. There are guys out there who like women with some curves. I guess it's just a matter of finding them.
@wigima5 (908)
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29 Jul 09
Oooh man! I missed it! But it looks like a great show! Reality shows aren't always that reality, and it's nice to have a more truer and genuine version of the bachelor. :) Instead of super fit gorgeous unrealistic women it's real women with real stories. :) And I think it's cute that they're letting overweight women find true love because I know it's harder for them.
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29 Jul 09
I don't know that its harder for overweight women to find love. I'm an overweight woman and I have never had a problem getting a date. I think its a confidence thing. I think its harder for overweight women who are hung up on their weight to date. But I also think its hard for any woman who is unhappy with herself to find a date. Men are the same way. But I do agree that it will be refreshing to see real people try to find true love rather than models trying to get their "in" to hollywood.
@icehut (508)
30 Jul 09
No idea, we don't receive the same channels here, and I'm not a reality TV fan... However, if you can't wait for a rerun, you could watch it via the Fox/NBC content catchup service...