I am so bad.. I almost got a person fired today!

bloody flirt me! - I should be spanked...
July 29, 2009 8:27pm CST
Gosh I'm a horrible flirt a complete horrible flirt! I almost got the cashier at M&S in Hammersmith fired today because we kept flirting and the stupid guy put the closed notice on his till! Really was odd.. I only bought a new set of drinking glasses (as the stupid cat smashed my treasured venetian set!) Anyway he was a dashing young bloke.. looked a lot like Colin Farrel.. well we got talking and I think its my accent that got his attention (at least I hope it wasn't my low cut blouse with my boobies sticking out.. yeah guess that's it I suppose ha ha.. But anyway his manager showed up and asked him why he switched his position off and well.. all hell broke loose and there was loads of cussing and $%$£&^&&*%$.. I went over and told the manager that it was my fault and that they shouldn't punish him for my mistake.. after an hour of negotiating the manager reluctantly agreed to let him off with the last warning.. phew! Have you ever done something so stupid that you feel like punching yourself to the wall??
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