losing music

United States
July 29, 2009 9:27pm CST
So I plugged in my ipod the other day and i don't know wtf happened but all but 123 songs had been deleted. I was so angry, there were over 3,000 songs on it and now i have to start all over again, some of the music that was on there i have no idea where to find it. :-( how many people has this happened to? what causes this and how can it be fixed..this has happened to both myself and my hubby and we hate having to start all over :-( it sux.
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@ausgc21 (340)
• Australia
30 Jul 09
OK, first we must find what's the actual cause was. Possibilities are; (a) you've plugged your iPod to a different computer, or the same computer but with the system being formatted or reinstalled that there were nothing left on it (b) you've deleted your iTunes Music folder (c) you've deleted your iTunes Music library (d) your iPod simply got stuffed up and the musics were deleted from your iPod, but the originals are still in your computer somewhere If (a), plug your iPod back to your original computer with all the songs. If (b), check if they are still alive inside the recycle bin, and if not, give up If (c), re-import all your songs from iTunes Music folder If (d), take your iPod to Apple and have it repaired. Let me know if you need any more details. G'luk!