Allen Iverson Going to the clippers?

@dreezy (17)
United States
July 29, 2009 9:57pm CST
If the answer was to go to the clippers this would be a big move not only for the Western conference but for the nba. the clippers would win more than 40 games with baron davis, allen iverson, marcus camby and there number 1 draft pick blake griffin. No doubt they would give a team hell in the playoffs with the talent, speed and Athleticism. I hope he goes LA clippers need this to get some respect!
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@Philbo (579)
• Canada
6 Aug 09
With a attitude adjustment AI might help somebody even the Clippers. Without that change of heart I don't see him doing anyone any good.
• China
1 Aug 09
No,AI won't go to LA,i think.Going to houston is a good choice~this team needs a offenser,and AI is never old,he can give houston more points.
• Philippines
1 Aug 09
Well if Allen Iverson will go to the LA Clippers, I would be happy. If Allen Iverson will got to the Memphis Grizzlies, I would be happy. If Allen Iverson will got to the Miami Heat, I would be happy. I mean, I just love to see him play basketball.. I don't care which team will he play as love as I can still watch him plan. And like what he say, he just wanted to finish his career happy.
@lsnggrp (180)
• United States
30 Jul 09
Yeah, the Clippers need a LOT of help but Iverson is NOT THE ANSWER. Yes he can put people in the seats but basketball-wise this would be a terrible move for the Clippers in my opinion. First of all he is a VERY SELFISH player and he would take shots away from Griffin and Gordon, would you want that if you were the Clippers coach/GM? I wouldn't want it, why? Because it would stunt the growth of the young players. We all know the Clippers are not going anywhere next season (championship-wise) so why sign AI when all he is going to do is be a disruption in the locker room and a ball hog. Now that you've got Blake, the #1 overall pick in the draft, you want to build around him not bring AI in when he doesn't bring anything to the team. Plus you just got rid of Randolph who was a big locker room cancer now you want to bring in AI who is an even bigger locker room cancer. Anyways that's my 2 cents. What do Clippers fans think about this? Any Clippers fans here?
@abenitez (501)
• United States
30 Jul 09
Yeah the LA Clippers need a lot of help. They need to have a great season because they are a joke in the NBA. The western conference is very strong but with Allen Iverson I could see them making a push like the Golden State Warriors did a few years back. They will definitely be fun to watch.