will beyonce ever admit that she is wearing a wig?

@dreezy (17)
United States
July 29, 2009 10:31pm CST
I mean lets be serious here. She had nice long hair when she was a kid. She let her mom be her hair stylist and she admited a few years ago she has been using a different person because it wasnt working out. Then in the me, myself and I video she showed her short hair. We all know her hair is not real. I love her but its time to just admit is B.
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• United States
19 Dec 09
Really, it doesn't matter. But really, it sort of does because people are questioning. lol I think she may "admit" it. But it's really not a secret. All celebrities wear wigs sometimes because of how quickly they need to change their hair (to match their clothes) for different occasion, don't they?
@cream97 (29168)
• United States
11 Dec 09
Hi, dreezy! I don't think that she will ever admit to that. Her weave looks so natural. It would be so strange to just see her with no long hair at all. I would love to see her real hair. I will have to watch Me, myself and I again to see her real hair.
• Poland
3 Dec 09
I don't care if she's wearing wigs or not.all i know is that she's good at what she does,and that's singing.i love her voice,her looks and her moves.she's unquestionably best at that.if she is really wearing wigs,so what?it's not what uplifts her career. it's just my point of view.GODBLESS everyone.
• United States
15 Sep 09
yeah i kinda don't see what the big deal is myself. it's not like people will stop listening to her or buying her cd just because she wears wigs and in the world we live in just about everybody does anyway. i guess that's her thing though. i think people want to know so bad because they want something to say about her. she already has a nice voice, pretty good dancing skills, and a great body and they're like she has the hair too!i think people are hoping it's weave. it's cool if it's her and cool if it's not.
@blu33y3s (26)
• Philippines
3 Aug 09
I dont really care if she's wearing wig. maybe she had a hair extension,you know everything is posible in earth specially beyonce she has more connection and lots of money and she can do everything she likes.
• United States
3 Aug 09
It is about time Beyonce admits that the hair she wears in her videos and movies is not real. I love Beyonce but I'm getting tired of her beeing featured in magazines and L'Oreal commerical and they talk about her hair like is it her own. Yes, when because was a kid she had long her, we seen the pictures. However, since she become the famous singer known a.k.a. BEYONCE she;s been wearing nothing but full lace wigs. It was said that she spends thousands of dollars on these wigs, that why they look so real. You can tell it's not her hair because every event she always change her hair. Her hair would be really long and blond, then it would be shorter and darker the next time you see her. My problem is that she can get away with wearing weave because she Beyonce. If a average girl walk down the street wearing her weave people who call her out telling her she wearing a weave.
• United States
31 Jul 09
I don't cear that she wears a wig i just think it stuped of her to lie about it its just stuped, I know it non of owr buissness on what she wears but I think is dum of here to lie we all know thats not here real hair.