My brother forgot that i am the boss , because he is younger as i am.

@icesmile (7172)
July 30, 2009 12:50am CST
If you are a elder brother or sister you want your younger brothers and sister respect you? I am more older with 8 years as my brother, practical i was like a little mother for him, and i learn him a lot about life, protect him, and i give a lot of advices. Now, seems that he forgot about this, and want to move his place with mine....and i don t let him. Ho don t have a chance to be my "boss". Of course that is funny how he try now to protect me, because he is mature, and have family, and he want to show me that he is a real man, who after my father die, can be the "boss" in family, because he can t.I don t let him, he must to be head of hos family, his wife and kids...not mine. Every time when he try to do this i say " don t forgot who is real boss, i am. you want or not, i am elder sister, and i can all time control you; he laugh a lot, and answer that he can try, even know that is not possible. Your brothers and sisters, if they are younger want to be a leader in family even they know that you are elder?
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@srganesh (6348)
• India
30 Jul 09
I can understand both you and your brother's attitude.Elders take care of the younger ones and they achieve the boss position by nature.But younger ones,once matured will want to show their maturity and that cannot be denied.But he should not try to control you.What he can do is just stand shoulder to shoulder supporting you in the upcoming days.That way you will also be proud if his maturity.Otherwise you can show what you are.Cheers!
@icesmile (7172)
• Romania
30 Jul 09
hi...i will show him that i was , i am and i will be the boss in family no matter what, just kidding, but i know that i have more personality as he have, he is more...follower , not leader, he have a quaite personality, but i love him as he are, only sometimes he want show that he is big man....with me is impossible, he can t
@cwong77 (2011)
• Malaysia
31 Jul 09
In a family, I don't think we should be segregated into who is the 'boss'.. In my family, as long as the elder (mum and dad) is still around, they will be the head of the household. No matter what happen, we will go back to them on festive season.. I am the eldest in the family, but we discussed on stuff that need to be done for a family.. If it's my own family issue, I will settle it myself, however if its concern my parents, then it will lay on discussions. I let my 2 younger brothers to come out with suggestions, and sometimes, I will just let my brother take over the decision making. You are right, your brother should not interfere in your family no matter who is he, as he got one on his own.. we can only have a common decision, if it involves our parents.. we draw this line very clearly..
@tigeraunt (6331)
• Philippines
30 Jul 09
for younger siblings, i guess the elders will give you a hard time performing your task because of their pride. be that as it may, just perform the task and let them know of your progress or the progress of the business. if they still dont believe in your capability then it is their loss. as long as you know you can do your job well, then continue. ann
@meapas (2434)
• India
30 Jul 09
Here he loves you equally. So why bother who is the boss? You are not going to loose any thing or are you? Try to love him more than he loves you. Show more maturity than petty infighting. Love can conquer all.