Which wrestling finisher looks the fakest?

July 30, 2009 2:29am CST
Superstars have their signature moves that include tombstone pauldriver, FU, stunner, Pedigree,Chokeslam,Spear, Frog Splash and so on..... Which move looks pale and very fake out of these I have to say I find tombstone by Taker very fake :( He just smashes his knees on the floor and nothing else Am not critizing taker ,he is one of the best but that finisher :(
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• United States
31 Jul 09
Uhh.... I pick the samoan spike. One guy pretends he is poking the other guy's throat and at the same time the other guy falls down making look like he got impaled by the thumb.
• India
31 Jul 09
@panjababu (226)
• India
24 Aug 09
The finishing move of John Cena looks the most fakest to me.
@pillsen (69)
• Romania
16 Aug 09
There are so many ending moves, signatures or finishers that WWE superstars have, but many of them look too false, but people like them... Ones of then like (Kofi's "trouble in paradise", MVP's "Ballin' Elbow", Cena's "U can't C Me") they just run to the ropes and then make a lame attack, the people like it, because they can shout the name of the move.. but they look so fake. In other hands ther are the ones that the contender just drop like fullminated and don't come back, after an explosive finisher (HBK's "Switching Music", Undertaker's "Iron Claw", HHH's "Pedigree"), the contender can jump over the ropes outside the ring, can resist a Suplex! but can not against them, they are cool, but look fake. And also the ones that look really awesome but not real.. and i will talk about Rey's "619", this signature move is really awesome, requiers lots of skills, but the fact that always the contenders just are waiting in the ropes.. make it look like fake. There are many moves that really look real, (my favorites are Jericho's "Code braker" and undertaker "Tombstone"), they look awesome, and with in the fight speed, not a time lag.
@allen0187 (33914)
• Philippines
7 Aug 09
i would say john cena's five knuckle shuffle. it seems to take forever to make the move. i know it looks good and "cool" among the younger wwe fans but common, does he really have to pump his sneakers before doing it? waht could be more fake than that? lol! john cena is a good face for wwe. he has the in-ring skills and has a great personality. his mic skills are great as well and he manages to pull off some of the better monologues i've seen in the past few years of watching wwe.his five knuckle shuffle is a great crowd pleaser but i doubt if it really hurts the opponent that much. the fu and stfu look far more realistic than the five knuckle shuffle in my book. i'm glad that he come out with those alternate finisher (or if wwe creative came up with that, kudos to them). that's my take. cheers and happy mylotting everyone!!!