my expereince with paypal..

July 30, 2009 6:12am CST
im new in paypal though i heard it from friends that its easy to received money from it specially if its coming from abroad... one time, im in badly need of money and we are thinking that sending money is very costly... then we tried paypal... my account is not verified yet though one of the customer rep from paypal said that i can still receive money so there you go, i received an email from paypal saying i just received money so i accepted it... then when i try to withdraw it to my bank account... i cant withdraw any money coz my receiving limit is ZERO... huh! the worst is.. i need credit card to verify my account and i dont have any, paypal also didnt accept my debit card even if theres a logo of mastercard there.. i decided to return or refund the money back to my family so they can send it to me via money gram or western union instead.. but i still cant do it coz i have zero receving limit.. huh? we try to contact paypal to help us but no one give us the answer that we want to hear... they just keep on telling us how to withdraw the money... well, i fully understand how to withdraw so no need to tell me how.. after that, we dont receive any responce from them... as if they dont care... the money is still there in my paypal account and its almost a month now... though i still able to receive money though western union but thats another money... luckily, upon searching for possible answer in google search... i learned about this virtual credit card or VCC.. i read more about it and how it works... u need to pay to get one of course, and i have no choice but to get one so i can verify my paypal... its already verify and im now waiting for the money to trasfer to my account... so guys,, if u want a quick sending of money.. dont ever use paypal or other online transfer as it takes time to incash ur money...
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@dolphin2406 (1227)
• Poland
30 Jul 09
Hi, I'm sorry to hear that. I have been using paypal for more than 2 years now and never had any problems. I only used it to pay for things I bought but recently received money in it. I haven't withdrawn it yet and there are some charges since they withdraw to my credit card. Some months ago I had a problem that someone accessed my account and withdrew funds to his account, luckily paypal refunded that money as they knew that my account was hacked. They acted very professional though they may not reply immediately. But they solved my problem I guess they only accept bank account in USA like some other sites but with a credit card it works fine. Good luck with your problem & have a nice day!