how to promote a product here in MyLot?

July 30, 2009 7:50am CST
i wonder if somebody has really earn here in MyLot to their paypal account? and how i promote a product here? can somebody help me?
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• United States
30 Jul 09
ON mylot you can not promote anything and you cant promote websites either as that is against the mylot rules sorry. Everyone that is an active member like myself here have all earned money into their paypal account. The main purpose is to stay active and keep writing and don't stop. The more you write in a response the more earnings you will get. Don't just write one or two lines and think they are going to give you earnings for that because they probably wont, try writing at least 5 to 6 lines in every response and you could earn some more that way.
• Philippines
30 Jul 09
i know i need to give more efforts, times, and hard thing in order to get earn here, but i just wanna know if i have something to get back after i give my all best to this site, sorry for my words but i dont want to get disappoint again after a lot of sites i was try but i dont have any luck yet even a little from almost a year ago. But as you said you already prove to yourself that have already earn from here right? so i need to give my inner most in order to get even a little right? if u have any suggestion hope you can tell me some.... thanks you for sharing.