I always feel that .....

July 30, 2009 10:44am CST
I should better have something of my own to earn my living.Its my tendency that I don't like to work under someone and I do feel humiliated when I have to say Sir and boss to someone.What do u want to do.Do u want to grind ur life under someone or if u aree like me to have something of ur own....
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@zapood (56)
• China
12 Oct 09
If you have enough money,you could start a small business.Small business could also teach you so much.After that,you may not feel humiliated when you have to say Sir and boss to someone.
• Germany
31 Jul 09
Well .... our mission in life is to improve our souls. This means the habit of meekness, whereas the habit of pride is kind of toxic. I was relying on a strong boss who gave me his orders and I earned good from him. When I later was my own little (and financially weak) boss, I failed. By the way, humiliation feels even harder when it is coming up from a client rather than a boss.
@Citychic (4078)
• United States
30 Jul 09
I always feel that......... Hello Friend, I don't feel humiliated or bad when I'm working for someone else. But I would much rather prefer to have my own. I know that there is lot to deal with, whether I have my own or working for someone else. But still I would prefer to have my own. But it's got to be something fun. This is just what I"m dealing with right now. Trying to step out on my own a bit, happy mylot and wishing you the best in whatever you try.
• China
30 Jul 09
I feel the same way!!! And i very hate to work for any boss in company and i feel so embarrassed to greet my boss.I am always under immense pressure working for other. And i will try my best to work for myself and feel free!