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July 30, 2009 10:54am CST
I wanted to share this with u from a lomg time back but its good that I am doing atleast now.So I would say that the best way to fight anxiety is have self motivation and self belief.If a person is motivated he is able to things that he normally cannot do also.A best way is to beleve in ones ability and do not get faultered from the situations.This way u cannot be gripped by anxiety anyway.Also find some to chill out and have some visit to god's place like churches ,temples ,and mamy more.All this really helps.Have a good time
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@besthope44 (12145)
• India
6 Oct 10
Well i take it every weekend and at during festival months i never miss vacations, that my best anxiety relieving out of mechanical life.
@letsee77 (227)
• United States
19 Aug 09
Are you talking about general anxiety? I think I understand what you are tying to say. That when one has the feeling of anxiety they should push themselves a little, lean on their strengths to try and help them past it. It also help if you have friends and family that support you as this can help you get past such times. I have a family member with real bad social anxiety, he has a very hard time being in social situations or being in a place with alot of people, like the mall. This has affected his daily life and work. So I can understand some how this affects people. Though I think some need more help then others, as not everyone is strong enough to deal with these things on their own. But supporting someone like this and helping them feel better about themselves and encouraging them will help them in time to do better and over come such things. While there are cases that some need to see a therapist or even use medication to help them. All the best, have a great day :)
@vinay316 (301)
• India
2 Aug 09
You have got so many grammatical errors, is this your first post. I couldn't get your point be more specific next time. I talk to my family during crisis to help me calm my anxiety and stress.