fast food diet?

United States
July 30, 2009 7:24pm CST
Since President Clinton had made fast food chain restaurants places nutritional charts up it is possible, now to eat out at most all of them, and not get fat.But some of the time,even when they might think they know what they are doing, they don't.You can't just look at the calorie chart.Some of them are lower, because they don't put as much meat in it.Some are just a smaller amount of total food. You actually want to get the one that has more calories, if it is only due to the fact that they put more lean meat in it.You can feel fuller longer.Now , how can you tell weather or not the meat is fattier or lean?They way you do it, is by comparing protien grams to the fat grams.Some sandwiches may have slightly lower calorie content, but have only 2 oz. of fatter meat,verses 4 oz. of lean meat. Your body turns fat into fat and muscle(meat)will turn into muscle.Some items may have too many carbohydrates, and not enough protein. Order your toast and baked potato dry-(no butter). Always remember to order with NO mayo.ask for fat free salad dressings. Italian has the least sugar.
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2 Aug 09
I have also heard to ask to hold off all of the toppings on a hamburger, as they all add up in calories, to also order a side salad, but to make sure to have fat free salad dressing. When ordering a salad at a fast food restuatrant you are almost better to order a hamburger becuase alot of salads have deep fried chicken, bacon, cruotons, and then creamy salad dressings, these all add high claories.