Male Veterans and GIs... A question for you....

@iriscot (1290)
United States
July 30, 2009 9:18pm CST
Here's my question to you guys... Have you ever received a "Dear John" letter from your girl friend? When I entered the Air Force just a couple of years before the Korean War, my girl friend and I had both promised to wait until I was discharged and we would become man and wife. She was a beautiful girl and a great lover. We wrote each other love letters and I could hardly wait until basic training (13 weeks) was completed so we could be together again. Well about 7 weeks into basic the lettes didn't come so often and then one day I was totally shocked when I got a "Dear John" letter from her. After basic, I tried to light the flame again, but to no avail. I've sure I'm not the only GI with that experience. Let me know if it happened to you.
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