When you undergo a deep and painful test in your life, how do you pray?

July 30, 2009 10:36pm CST
I had checked my profile and I am sad that I haven’t done anything for the last 60 days. I am still on my adjustment stage; the month of June was never that good to me and to my family. I just had to mind several things, my personal life, my work, my family. Never felt so busy and tired in my life than these past 2 months. My sister was diagnosed of a condition that led her to undergo hysterectomy. It was not easy accepting the fact that my sister won’t be able to bear child anymore. It was not easy seeing my sister at the age of 24 being test with something that was really heavy to bear. I saw her pain, her depression; her eyes were full of questions, she’s not saying anything, but it is as if I can hear her ask what she was supposed to ask God. My mom loves us so much that she can’t help to always cry by my sister’s conditions. My dad cried, even my youngest sibling. I had to say that it is not just an effect on our emotional aspect, but also has an effect on our financial standpoint. Mom and I had to file a bank loan for the expenses, hospital bills, doctor’s professional fees and all. Good thing, my mom has a lot of faith in God, that amidst this heavy storm we’ve encountered, she never got tired of praying and believing that everything’s going to be alright. I guess it is because of her prayers and encouragement, that we had made it through. I thank God for my Mom. 2 months had passed since we had our family’s biggest trial. My sister, can do stuff already, planning of minding her career and even studying again. Her boyfriend stayed with her,this is even if he knew that there is this 1 thing that my sister can’t give him anymore. And most important of all, she’s back in the church -- singing for the glory of God again.(Yeah that is what she does every Sunday, she is the church’s lead singer) I learned to talk to God more because of this event. I remember during these difficulties, I never did ask God to make everything easy for me, neither an easy life. I ask him more to make me a stronger person, so I can still walk and see the better days He has in prepared for me… just that.And then I’m happy.
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• India
31 Jul 09
I really felt two things reading your life. One is, I liked the boldness of you to ask God to strengthen you to go through it. God really knows that you have the guts to withstand this situation because He never allows anything unbearable on a person's life. God is good all the time. We are not persons but children of God. Hence He will not make us to suffer a lot. The next thing I noticed is the prayer of your mom. It will really work. Lets hope on the Lord to make your life to enjoy every situation. God bless you. Cheers.