why do teenagers got pregnant at a young age?

@shhheila (1847)
July 31, 2009 1:29am CST
i've known some teens who are pregnant and who didnt finish high school yet. they are too young to be a mother. for me, its because of lack of knowledge and inappropriate parental support and influence.
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@smart44 (511)
• Philippines
31 Jul 09
Teenagers got pregnant in a young age because they dont know how to keep it pure. More of the teenagers now a days are very curious of what is happening around, so they seek an answer to it. They are even adventurous and experimenting something thats why teenagers got pregnant in a young age. And also they dont think much of the pure keeping of such relations, they should know the purpose, plans, and how to protect and prepare for such relations. And they forget to pray. Since God will never let drown. Keep on thinking first.
@ysobelle (202)
• Philippines
31 Jul 09
This is a good discussion. I got pregnant when I was only 19. The main reason is lack of family guidance.I was not guided properly with my parents. I always hang out with peers. It is also the kind of life that I chose, so I can not really say that I am blaming my parents. One factor also is bad influence.
@submerryn (1304)
• Malaysia
31 Jul 09
They are teenagers. So if they got pregnant, definitely their age are young. Remember when we ourselves are teenagers? We have all this curiousity about the world and all, but we are too timid and shy to ask anyone. And back then, it is a taboo thing to discuss the birds and the bees with parents. These days, info are easily gained online. And kids have more freedom with their life too. I cant blame too much on the parents though. Surpress the kids and they become rebelous, give them freedom and they might end up pregnant. So what can we do? We do our best to be our daughters friend. IF she is willing to confide in us, we must not judge them. Teenage are human too. They just make mistake. Dont make the worst mistake of judging them and leaving them all alone when they need us the most. The milk has spilt, now, it's time to ponder on what to do next..