How to find the best topic to write to make a lot of traffic

July 31, 2009 2:41am CST
I want to know how to find the best topic to write in order make a lot of traffic
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• India
1 Aug 09
It is not about writing what attracts traffic. Whatever you write, write with passion, knowledge, then your writing will become attractive enough and get enough traffic. If you write with just traffic in mind, then I am not sure you will go a long way. Whatever you write, write on those subjects which you have some knowledge and write with full interest and passion. Best of luck, Srikanth
• Philippines
3 Aug 09
This is a valuable tip. Many tend to focus too much on getting people into your website but fail to consider what makes your visitors stick to your website and even contemplate visiting again in the future. Quality content is the most important factor in every website. ;)
• Canada
31 Jul 09
I don't know if you mean for your blog on mylot, because of lack of details you provide. I'm guessing it is for your blog or website, because you will want to get more traffic to your blog/website. There are a lot of topics that can get your traffic, and the most important is unique content. Whether you talk about cars, to money, to ants, if you write something no one else has written before, you will get the most traffic for that one particular topic. Now, some popular topics that will ever diminish are writing about money. Everyone needs it and no one can get enough of it. We will always need money and there will always be people searching for ways to make more. This is a safe topic to talk about but is over saturated, so you might not get ideas for unique content at first. Some other topics include relationship, as everyone will become in one or has been in one, and there are lots of advice you can give to help people in a bad relationship.
• Philippines
31 Jul 09
you can perform a random keyword search so you can access what are the most popular keyword searches. that is, if you want to write posts that are highly searchable on the internet and boost your traffic. one downside to using this strategy is that you'd have a lot of competition for those keywords so you need to make sure to produce quality contents if you want productive traffic.