is playing poker good for us?

July 31, 2009 3:16am CST
Many people now are craving to play poker maybe because its a very easy game and you can earn instance money from it.For me there nothing wrong on playing poker as long you play it just for fun and not because you want to earn money from in my country there a lot of people playing poker as source of income and sometime even there on thing are being sold just to sustained there addiction on playing poker.I think as a responsible person you must not spend a lot of money just playing poker, And there is nothing wrong knowing you have a idea on playing it as long you play it just for fun.What do you think guys?
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@Jaxsky (196)
31 Jul 09
I couldn't agree more with you, the dangers come when people do not control their spending. If you have a limit that once you reach for the week you do not play again then that's fine. But so people don't notice how much they have lost until some time later. I'd love to be a player who could seriously play for my main income, but unfortunately I'm not so I play in freerolls trying to win small amount for free:)
• Philippines
31 Jul 09
I agree with you there a lot of people spending a lot of money from playing this kind of game.Even there a not capable of playing it financially. Keep it up.Play it just for fun not because you earn income from it.Thanks for responding on my discussion.hope to see you again.