Broken Hearted..

July 31, 2009 3:33am CST
In life, we cannot deny the fact that we experience this so called love. Love which we cherish everytime we spend some time to our love ones. There's a time that we need to separate and there must be the reason behind that. When was the last time your heart was broken? AND hOW DID YOU MANAGE THAT THING ?
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@MissTina (124)
• United States
4 Aug 09
I think that the last time my heart was really broken was probably in December of 2005. It was not the end of a relationship so to speak, but it was a tragic end to a past relationship and friendship. I have went through a break up since then but it was one of those where you just knew it was over before the break up actually started. I think that the best way to deal with a broken heart is to use it as a time to re-evaluate your self image and your life. I think you need to take time when your heart is broken to recondition your heart and focus on you. Remember how to love yourself so that you can let your past romance be just that, a past, and not become part of your future. Also use it for your selfish time, because we all need times in our lives where we are completely selfish and focus upon only our dreams and desires. Also, you need to eat a lot of ice cream, junk food and have a lot of fun with your closest friends.
@meng23 (146)
• Philippines
4 Aug 09
It was last year. Actually it is very hard because we almost gone 3 years and 8 months. But my final decision is to broke him up. My confident became low. I thought nobody would love me again. What I did is that I turn back. I saw my friends and comfort me. I always go out with them. Laugh though Im not totally happy. I try to live independently. I give space for myself.
• Philippines
31 Jul 09
hi, my heart was broken late last year. It was so depressing. I have never imagine that incident will come. At that time i was unguarded. I mean we don't have a problem. It's just one day he said he found someone else, and i will be better off with someone else. It was the first and last time he broke my heart. I was like crying for days, asking for explainations. I don't know if letting him easily shows that i love him less. But i guess there's nothing left to do but to let him go. Well i manage to stay positive as i can. Thinking that everything happens for a reason.