The best hero combination on 5 vs 5

July 31, 2009 4:06am CST
Hello, I want to know your opinion for the best hero combination for 5 vs 5 battle. That mean you choose 5 hero that you think will guarantee a win if use properly. The mode is all pick, so you can choose combination from both Sentinel, Scourge, or Neutral. My choosing: 1. Earthshaker 2. Tauren 3. Invoker 4. Crystal Maiden 5. Juggernaut Please note that these heroes based on the latest map of Dota (6.61b). You can comment on my choosing as well. Thanks
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• United States
2 Aug 09
Hey im new here but ill give u my top 5 heros in a 5v5 match. 1)Anti Mage (magina) 2)Priestess of the moon (mirana nightshade) 3)shadow shaman (rhasta) 4)soul keeper forgot name :( 5)ursa warrior (ulfsaar) to rigged XD
• Indonesia
6 Aug 09
Thanks for your reply killer022. But 4 agi hero in one team, don't you think that's too much and not balanced?
@tokouchi (370)
• Philippines
7 Nov 09
In team battle what ensures you of a win is a good balance of holders, disables and DPSers. You would first want a good initiator: like Treant/Magnus/Tauren/Axe, then a support/disabler: Rhasta/Lion/Vengeful, and a DPSer: Traxex/Sven/Clinkz. You would like your team to be as flexible as possible so you can cope up with any situation. Right now my team picks are usually as follows: 1. Magnus - Initiates the action 2. Witch Doctor - Casts Stun + Maledict 3. Lich - Casts all spells 4. Doom - Dooms the enemy disabler (e.g. Rhasta) 5. any late game carry hero for uber kill ^_^
• United States
22 Dec 10
1. Beastmaster solo 2. Windrunner solo 3. Vengeful Spirit, Juggernaut, Venomancer trilane Strong lineup
• Bulgaria
25 Apr 10 we need nuke disable and curry best combination for 5v5 battle I think is tide ( witch refresher orb and dager) treant (witch refresher orb) next is nuke hero to kill enemys when thay disabled.this hero need more favourite is troll.4 hero must be intelect hero like crystal maiden becouse she have verry powerfull ult in area,we need only this.maiden must be witch black king bar becouse other heroes catch like treant ulty but thay can cast spell and interupt maidan ult.and finally invoker is good to cast some meteor and the end of the battle defending blast if we have live enemy hero :D.this is best combination for me.We try this and we never lose witch this combination..four mass ult O_0 and epic dmg.. disable the enemy and kill them.