okay...i may have discovered another troll...

United States
July 31, 2009 1:12pm CST
I posted a discussion on how to undelete a friend's request, because I had deleted someone by mistake. In my e-mail came message that said "Click the undeleted option"; when I went in to respond to this message, the response doesn't even show up....and when I went into this person's profile, it doesn't show up there either. The screen name that this person is using, seems to be a joke to another user's screen name...which is why I am thinking that it is a troll. How they got to me when their response doesn't even show up, is beyond me. The person became a member 50 minutes ago, and claims is 78 years old...and has no picture or avatar on the profile. If I am wrong and this person is legit, I will apologize, but sounds pretty fishy to me.
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