As a mother of older kids 23, 19, 16

By Liz
United States
July 31, 2009 2:57pm CST
It's hard to think of things to do together that we all enjoy and can all be home at the same time. We go out to eat sometimes but besides being home together sometimes that's about it. Do other people do things with the whole family that have older kids i'd like ideas thanks Liz
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• Malaysia
31 Jul 09
I'm a kid who grew up with her mom, now that I'm 26, I really have grown apart from her.. Which reminds me I have to call her soon.. But before I left home, how my mother and I spent time together would be watching movies together, shopping for clothes (I usually hate that, cause my mom's taste is really not my taste.. LOL) and when she cooks, sometimes I just help her out or just hang around there and chit chat with her.. That's the best I can do, cause my mom and I have not much to talk about, and sometimes, it's quite tough to speak to her about personal things, and I have that barrier with her since I was very young. So my advice to you, get to know what they like to do, and maybe try it out.. :)
• United States
1 Aug 09
I'm sorry about your relationship with your mom. I am very close to my kids they tell me things I don't wanna know! But remember one day your mom won't b here, you should find some kind of common ground and b as close as possible. Luz
• United States
31 Jul 09
I work with kids 9 thru 18, and it is difficult to organize a day to do things, when they vary in ages...I want them all to enjoy it. So lately, I have searching the web for concerts that would be enjoyed by all. This summer we are taking them to the Blue Man Group, and because I picked a matinee rather than a night concert, the cost was considerably lower. I've also got them to just take ride to the Big City, where they don't usually go...we can take the T, very inexpensive, and we just site see. I've also got them to go on a photography ride...take their cameras, and take a picture of what we see, and the one who gets the best shot, gets rewarded with something. They don't really care about the reward, it's the pictures that we take that are most enjoyable. Have each one take a turn and decided what movie they want to rent. In the summer there are many fairs, and alot of food that is inexpensive. I take them to as many as we can.