United States
July 31, 2009 6:39pm CST
I finally got around to watching Quarantine, hoping for something at least interesting, if not scary. I admit, I was a bit disappointed in both aspects. I had heard from people that Quarantine was good (though people who have seen [Rec], the original, told me it is better). What did you think of Quarantine? Have you seen [Rec], or would you like to see it? I'd watch it out of curiosity, just to see the similarities and differences.
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• Philippines
1 Nov 11
I haven't seen about that REC movie but I've already seen Quaratine and Ienjoyed watching that movie! I also don't like the ending but the movie overall is exciting and very suspense. While I was watching, I really didn't know what's going to happen next. I'll try to find Rec online.
@shhheila (1847)
• Philippines
25 Aug 09
duh im so excited to watch Quarantitine but when i watched it, all of my excitement fades away, it turns out just like an independent movie... i also hate the ending... i dont like the blood and gore scenes because it is dark...