How can I control my anger I get frustrated and stressed by my kids?

July 31, 2009 11:25pm CST
Hello All, Few relationships can produce more challenges and frustrations than the parent-child relationship. Even the most loving parents will experience anger every now and then toward their children. However, uncontrolled anger can affect your ability to make good decisions as well as maintain a positive relationship with your son or daughter. What can we do when love and anger collide in the family?
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@anaida1 (43)
• India
1 Aug 09
Its true......anger can hurt important decisions. And ofcourse, people do get angry now and then. It is justified sometimes. So thats exactly what you should concentrate on. Is your anger justified? I mean it could be that the kids are getting on your nerves...but its possible that its you who is actually worried or thinking about something and the children are breaking your thoughts. Let them be...if that is the case. Leave the room. Come back when you are calm...when you have settled your issues. But if, it is actually the children, then you need to exert your control...NOT ANGER!!...your control...just long enough for them to realise what discipline you want from them... I hope it helps...
• India
1 Aug 09
Anger is all because you do not have a stable mind. The best possible i can tell you is keep your mind stable, do not bring your work or office tensions at home keep them away when you are at home. Play with your kids love them to infinity. Go some where out with your family enjoy with them. And see the change within you. Another method to reduce anger is to do a maths calculations like this. Start counting from reverse order like say if you start from 100 then it goes like this. 100, 99,98,97,96,95,94,93,92,91........and so on upto 1 Just give this a try i am sure you will not do it at 1 start when you are angry. Let me know if any further assistance you need. ALL THE BEST.
@lelin1123 (15643)
• Puerto Rico
1 Aug 09
I would count to ten or say a pray. Another thing you can do is walk to another room sit take a deep breath, relax your body, then stretch your back with your arms over your head. You should feel alot better. Then you can proceed with the problem you might be having by thinking in a more positve manner. Good Luck to you.
@greenline (14864)
• Canada
1 Aug 09
I used to have the same problem at home with family members and also with people at my work place. Then later on, I was suggested by one of my friends to try practising "Yoga" meditation. That was excellent. Meditation certainly is an excellent way of controlling the mind. It is also very good for mental and physical health. You might want to try this.