Is President Obama Following through??

United States
August 1, 2009 9:10am CST
Hello Everyone, I recently read a post stating President Obama's popularity vote decreased. Do you feel you can relate to that? do you support President Obama or not? and why? do you think that he is living up to what people expected him to do or do you think we expected too much from him?
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@epicure35 (2822)
• United States
3 Aug 09
A man named Barack Hussein Obama has usurped an office for which he is not eligible under our Constitution. Consequently, everything he does is lawless and violates our freedoms, destroys our economy and shows his hatred of America. Before the "election" (not a free election) it was clear to see the game of fraud and lies he was playing. Using the Hitlerian ploy of "the economy and blame" he proceeded to appeal directly to the emotions, rather than the discernment, of people who could easily be swayed by Oprah Winfrey to vote early and often for a man about whom they knew nothing. With George Soros's money and many illegal contributions, he has been able to continue his deception. He has installed a gangster government and several crimes have been committed, as well as threats and intimidation for those doing a good job and telling the truth. Because I discerned his lies and deception before the election, I did not expect anything from him; however, I had hoped he would someday tell the truth. This has not happened. He is not very smart, only crafty and calculating. He can only read from a teleprompter and cannot even hold a pencil correctly. And, did I mention, he hates America. He is far worse than I could possible have expected.
• United States
3 Sep 09
I could not have said it better. When he first appeared on the Presidential Campaign I had an immediate gut feeling that this man was a major danger to our country. The more I researched his very vague and veiled background the more astounded I became that Americans were actually believing his glib, silver tongued orations. Having lived in the UK during Hitlers reign of terror and being married to a German I immediately saw the very obvious similarities between the two men. Hilter also told the masses what they wanted to hear to get their votes and blind adoration but once in a position of power the real Hitler appeared. Soon the real Obama will appear in all his evil glory.
@OceanLady (136)
• Canada
1 Aug 09
I'm Canadian. I don't watch the news, I don't follow politics... because I really don't care. If something important happens, I figure someone will tell me. Outside of that, I don't need more things to be depressed about. I supported Obama when he was running, I haven't really been following since then, so I can't really have an opinion on that. However, I support Americans in voting him in. He had a strong campaign, he was the best choice at the time... but we were all up here thinking "It doesn't matter, he's black" because no matter how wrong it is, most of us honestly thought that it would be quite a while before any of you folks would vote for a black president - especially one who's name rhymes with "Osama". So whatever you guys might be thinking of him now... kudos for actually voting him in to begin with.
@x_Jo_x (1042)
1 Aug 09
Yeah i noticed when it was the election and when he was first made president everyone was talking about him. Saying how good he was, talking about his family. Everything was good! And since then - He seems to not be talked about as much and even now slightly critisized! I think his popularity will keep decreasing untill he does something Big and good! He needs to do something really productive! Win back the public!