"How do Website owner get the Money and whats the source!"

August 1, 2009 9:28am CST
Being an enthusiastic Surfer and a guy-who-wants-to-own-a-website, it makes me wonder how does a website generates revenue that makes it successful or afailure...or simply put how does a website owner get a single penny in his account?. I know of one channel that gives a website owner this ...i.e the Advertising revenues received from popular advertising sites like Google Adsense or a Yahoo Publishing network. But have always wondered answers to few things here:- 1. Does the number of clicks on my website have any role to play in generating revneue for my website? 2. Or is it only the revenue i may get from sponsors of the Ads? 3. If number of clicks generates revenue isn't it interesting to know who pays for it? These are some basic queries am sure lot of newbies to website creation may have here .. So lets talk abt these as well as some innovative ways to increase the revenue of one's website too!
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