Funny Youtube Reactions! Crazy

August 1, 2009 10:47pm CST
I was about to create discussion when the idea suddenly slips out because i was watching youtube. i have been watching it since last night and for the past few days. am pretty sure some of you have already made reactions to the following moveis that these thrilled shocked people have watch it...I won't post the link movies itself because it's uhmmm..not humanly put the list only but just put some best reactions just to give you an idea not to watch it. 2 girls one cup Reactions: Spankwire/BME Olympics Reactions: 2 girls on finger reactions: These are only few reactions i could share to you on youtube.. but...just the funny reaction and not the real thing..they are so funny. But the REAL video itself, hah! search that in your own risk....
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@Nobody4me (165)
20 Aug 09
those are crazy and very disturbing reactions. i guess this prompt me not to watch them at all as if they are kind of disgusting.
• Philippines
2 Aug 09
What is wrong with those people, they simply wanna embarass themselves in front of the world wide web.i have seen one of those videos and they are really sick to the stomach. i can't believe any one who'd dare to watch. No matter how many times people are warned, it's just turned them and pursue seeing the video...seriously it's disgusting..
@Jean25 (344)
• Philippines
2 Aug 09
I never watch those movies, a lot of friends told me that they lost their appetite after watching those for days.but the reactions are funny, it proves that these people are so cleaned-conscious.