Dreams..Im Soo Curious..do u FEEL..SMELL..TASTE..HURT???

United States
August 2, 2009 1:32am CST
I have a discussion on nightmares when talking to someone it occured to me..i wonder who else goes threw what i do..or how many do..when i dream..its in color always..i smell everything around me,taste whatever im eating or drinking..i have been killed or hurt..and felt everything..and when i have woken up i still fell the pain to where i was shot or stabbed or whatnot..just for a min..its strange! and i doo want to share this..i have been studying my dreams for awhile and i have learned this..if your in a horrible nigthmare and u want to wake up..CLOSE YOUR EYES IN TEH DREAM AND GO TO SLEEP...U WIL WAKE UP IMMEDIATELY!! im not kidding!! its worked for me for years now..but the prob is u have to train urself in the dream and knwo its a dream to do it..once u relize that , when your scared and wanna wake up..do it..:) ok so back to the question..when u dream is it in color? do u tatse..smell..hurt and feel al the pain even woke up still felling the pain exactly where u were hurt?? i hope i get alott of responses to this..im dying to know about everyone as much as i can.for my own knowledge and curiouslity..hey thanks everyone! byeee!! April
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@qiao522 (449)
• China
2 Aug 09
I did feel the pain after I woke up, but smell or taste, no... It happened years ago. I've been busy so I seldom in that kind of dreams. Anyway, I felt the pain before.
• United States
2 Aug 09
Im intrigued..what kind of pain? what happened in the dream that u got hurt? and how logn did u feel the pain after u woke? and thank u soooo much for replying! it ment alot to me!! muahh! April and was ur dream in color or black and white?