reality tv

@busybren (258)
United States
August 2, 2009 1:36am CST
There has been a number of reality TV these days. I almost feel like I'm watching other peoples drama, listening to their cheese and actually reacting to THEIR situations. How do you feel about reality tv? Do you get into watching the entire season? Which do you watch? Do you think it's totally stupid?
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• New Zealand
2 Aug 09
If there is a type of show that I will definitely not watch, it's reality television. I find that pretty much every show involves the same characters (played by different people) just in different situations, the relationships and conflicts remain the same - it's simply the setting and scenario that changes. The only 'real"' reality television show that I can think of is "The Apprentice", and accordingly, it's the only reality television show I'd watch more than one episode of. That said, "The Apprentice" is still not a show I try to catch every week, it's just a show that I may end up watching if I happen to be channel surfing and can find nothing else I'd rather watch.
• India
2 Aug 09
hi5..even i hate em..reality shows are not at all real...its just that they focus on creating emotional situations or make ppl show attitude..make them fight among themselves...all pieces of crap possible..buggers added to that ask us to vote by sms..all profits to network providers..its simply a waste of time watching em..