Can we still change the condition of climate change to normal condition?

August 2, 2009 6:07am CST
I think we can still make our worsening climate, just like the climates we have been accustomed before climate change was observed just a few years from now.When I was young,I observed that the sun shines were very soothing to the skin,when rainy days come,it really rains heavily that we could be wet after school hours when going home.We play the showers every afternoon without interuptions.It really is very refreshing to recount the fabulous past,with the seasons just like that it is very lively, but now it is full of dust, pollutions and wastes.We can MAKE THESE THINGS HAPPENS JUST LIKE THE YESTERDAY'S CLIMATE,by taking good care of our ozone layer, by by not using frequently our electronic devices and appliances,by not using ozone depleting chemicals and harsh smokes, and many more.We can do these things if we share opinions,causes,and the action to settle these huge problem of our planet.
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