What an awakening?

@meapas (2434)
August 2, 2009 9:16am CST
The other day a famous TV star lost a bag full of valuables. As she had lot of luggage, her father thought of helping her by accompanying her. After they alighted, she realised this bag was missing. She thought her father was carrying and her father thought she had the bag. The bag was left behind in the train. She was so upset with the loss, she blasted her father with very nasty words. She put the entire blame on her father, for the loss. Her father didn't react at all. Her sister asked her " Was there anything in the bag which cannot be bought again?" The answer was clear, then she added that relationship once broken cannot be mended again. She gave a thought to it. She realised her mistake. It was because of her father she has reached this stage in life. She immediately went to her father and apologised and he instantly hugged her. She realised that there is nothing more important and more valuable than the relationships we make and are born with. We shouldn't do any thing that would ruin them. Try to preserve it. It is the most valuable thing. She went on to add further that One does not understand the real value of parents unless one become a parent. WOW What an awakening?
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