How many times you repair your computer ?

August 2, 2009 10:47am CST
I have one computer, this my first computer. Sometimes my computer is error, then I repair my computer. Two times I repair my computer, now I will buy new computer. Are same with me or not ?
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@Ayoosh16 (194)
• India
27 Sep 09
i repair my computer once in 6 months to check all the parts are working fine or not. The last time i repaired my computer 2 months back. It was not the biyearly check up but i overclocked my Celeron CPU. iT was too uch for my celeron CPU. i had to take out the bios battery to restore settings to their default
@amiapu (20)
• Bangladesh
4 Aug 09
repairing computer is a risky things.i am afraid that the pc will be out of i never touched them.i just call an engineer.
@wanpisu (207)
• Malaysia
4 Aug 09
I always fixed my computer problem myself. And I really doing it because I'm kind of guy who like to fixed something the has a problems especially computer, radio, tv and guitar. I also make a few bucks by fixing my friends computer that has a problem. I learned troubleshooting and fixing computer problem myself by reading books ,computer magazine and watching video related to computer from youtube or other video site. My advice is if you have a computer you should learn how to fix computer problem. There is a lot of information in the internet related to repair or fix your own computer.
@aoa126 (25)
• United States
3 Aug 09
I've always repaired my own computers. I have never been to a shop or sent in my computer to have it fixed. Right now I do have a laptop with a broken monitor after 5 years of use. I can still use it by connecting it to an extra monitor i have at home.
@Jennyleen (249)
2 Aug 09
Not Yet! and Thx God! Muawh I lvoe Yah lolx..
@brienn (826)
• Philippines
2 Aug 09
I rarely repair my own computer. But I usually do some maintenance for it. I always defragment my hard drive at least once a week . And always make some registry checkup to check if there are some unnecessary entry on it .