silly thing during travel across country?

August 2, 2009 12:08pm CST
hi friend, i think everyone ever make mistak and i just want to know have you ever do the silly things during travel across country?like the languange, culture the food or anything that you can't never forget that situation?
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• Belgium
6 Aug 09
I forgot to take tampons in the luggage. When I was waiting for the airplane, it cames. So I had to look for it in the tax free shop in a hurry and fortunately I got the last packet in a shop.
@maximax8 (28558)
• United Kingdom
3 Aug 09
Before going to Tunisia I locked my backpack but unfortunately I left the keys at home. I had to chew it open when I got there. I was lucky customs hadn't asked to inspect my luggage. I ran into a language barrier in Slovakia. I got on a bus I thought would take me to the Polish border but it didn't. The bus driver and all the passengers didn't speak English. I returned on the bus to the same bus station. I asked in a loud voice. "Does anyone speak English please"? I was so fortunate that a Polish boy of 15 years old did. He helped me get the right bus. We met up again by chance in Poland so we exchanged addresses. I had an even bigger language barrier in Bulgaria. I tried to book a train ticket. The booking clerk spoke very little English. I wanted a seat and she kept saying "bed". I found out the train from Istanbul to Bucharest only had sleeping cars in the end. I had to book one for the day journey. The train was about four to five hours late and I waited for it a small station on the edge of the old town I had been visiting.