Do you dream in colour?

By Link
United States
August 2, 2009 4:41pm CST
I never realized that some people don't dream in colour. My younger sister dreams in black and white and says that certain things are in colour. Like red stuff, or one certain thing will be in colour in the dream. Black and white dreams are very rare for me to have, so I thought everyone dreamed in colour. Does this mean anything or do most people dream in colour, just not all? Do you dream in colour or black and white? Let me know! I am very curious!
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• United States
3 Aug 09
i dream in color all the time i don't ever dreaming in black and white and i hope i never do i like watching some shows in black in white because their really good or super funny like lucy. but to dream it would just be outrangeous. and before i go to sleep i usually see colors floating around so i dream of colors sometimes and some times its interesting to me.
• United States
2 Aug 09
Honestly I don't know if I dream in B&W or Color? I never even thought about it. I'll have to see if I remember the next time I wake up from a dream. Now you have me curious!
@Mge3dme (29)
• United States
2 Aug 09
I dream in color sometimes. Most of the time I do not remember my dreams and when I do they are black and white mostly. It was always said that all people never dream in color and only dream in black and white. This simply is not true. People like us are proof of that.