Mage leveling, TBC

August 2, 2009 7:59pm CST
Well, I'm playing 2.4.3 WoW, and I'm trying to level my gnome mage. Sometimes I have a tank to play with, but most of the time, I don't. Any suggestion on talent builds? Right now, im putting points into fire, but I plan to reset and spec into frost at level 29 for to master shatter. Money isn't a problem. Please construtivley critique my plan and give me suggestions as to things such as macros, gridning spots, and other things that will help me level.
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• Estonia
3 Aug 09
As a leveling mage - I strongly suggest - go frost. Why frost, you might ask - well, because fire is all about nuking, but it is pretty sure, that you wont be nuking the mob down with 2 spells - therefore keeping the mob(s) far away from you is the best solution. + Frost allows you to so-to-say "AoE grind". That is - aggro a lot of mobs - get them into one big pile - Frost Nova them to one place and start smacking 'em with Blizzard. As the Blizzard causes the Chill effect on them, there is a chance, they will freeze themselves again - leaving you with minor injuries and maximum experience per hour. Hope that helped. (Though, if you don't mind me asking - why 2.4.3?)
• Canada
3 Aug 09
Lets just say that the servers aren't live .I have made a level 70 frost mage before, and well, in endgame, I was behind the fire mages. But right now, the only thing that looks good in the frost tree for the first few levels are frostbite, combined with shatter, but I can't master shatter until level 29, so I have a tank for the first few levels anyways, so I might as well just try fire for the first few levels. If you think this is a bad idea, could you recommend a frost build (keeping in mind it is 2.4.3).
@FLampard (394)
• Malaysia
16 Aug 09
i level as a fire mage... because of the dmg, the problem with frost is the dmg is too low, even if u gain control, it will be exhausting to kite a mob over and over again for a long period of time. This is not pvp, its not fun to kite a mob ( T_T ), leaving alone some quest needs u to kill 20 of certain mobs, or even more. U might also agro a lot of mobs if u kite a mob at a mob-packed-area. Actually the best method is to get a lvling partner, then fire mage would lvl fast. Fire mages has good Dot and dmg that u wil need to kill the mobs.