FOR ALL CHRISTIAN BELIEVERS: Where will a man goes after his/her death...?

@mobhomeir (7565)
August 3, 2009 12:55am CST
CONFUSED: Some Christian believers believe that when a righteous man dies he would directly to Heaven and face his Creator. But why they keep on reciting repeated prayers asking and begging God to accept the soul of the dead man? NOVEMBER 1 all saints day: Lots of Christian believers go to cemeteries to visit their dead love ones and in fact offering some food and fruits in their tombs (of their dead ones). Mostly they paid amount to their respective church's priest and lay ministers in order to help pray their dead love ones. Another year comes and same thing, same cycle same routine. Until when this living relatives would stop praying for the soul of their love ones? Why they have to pay their priests to pray for their dead love ones? Is this a good business yearly for their church and their priests? Another thing: Everybody wanted to go to heaven but they are afraid to die. How would you go to heaven if you would not die first? Could some Christians explain this?
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