Friends movie. Do you want one?

@lpreeves (118)
August 3, 2009 8:34pm CST
I love Friends! I still remember where i was when i watched the last ever episode (lol sad i know!) and wish i was in times square when it was aired because that looked awesome! Anyway!, with all the rumours about a friends movie- will it happen wont it (im not sure) do you think there should be one? do you think they ended it in the right place or do you want to know what happened since they left. The spinoff with Joey didnt do so well (even though i watched it!) and ended in Joey getting married! so would they add that to the film or pretend that the spinoff never happened as it wasnt very good (ratings wise)
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• India
6 Aug 09
i loved watching friends..i still watch those episodes which are aired every sunday on star world..i just love joey..he is the funniest person ever..the way he spoke and behaved i just loved it..loved phoebe too..she was siily in a humourous way..rachael was hot..chandler was okk..monica was superb..loved ross too
4 Aug 09
I love Friends but don't think it would work as a movie. The comedy and drama works perfectly in the short time slots of a sit-com but I don't feel it is enough to turn into a movie. If they tried make a storyline more meaty it won't feel like friends. For me I would prefer them to do a series of one-offs or Christmas specials.
@Acts238girl (2088)
• United States
4 Aug 09
I love the tv show friends.I was sad when it ended but they still show the reruns.I hope they make a friends movie that would be awesome.