What motivates you?

@lpreeves (118)
August 3, 2009 8:40pm CST
I really want to start exercising to improve my body but am really not motivated to do so. Whenever i start to exercise i will probably last a couple days and then i will either get bored and stop or ache so stop but then not start again. What do you do to motivate yourself to exercise and what do you do to get a toned stomach. :)
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18 Dec 09
to motivate yourself just think of what it would be like if you didn't. if you don't do it you will never do it! you have to start to start. think of how you can do it to make it funner, because you are not a professional excerciser if you cannot even start. so try to make it fun. learn ways. like listen to music. what is your favorite? maybe you like being around people when you excercise. if you buy a pass to a program then maybe you will be more motivated to go. even yoga would be nice because it does not involve doing to much strenuous activity.