Because I SAID So!

United States
August 3, 2009 9:24pm CST
Do you remember those words? Did they make any sense to you? Here now, I say these words and it's because I SAID SO!!! This discussion is out there for all separated, divorced or any woman in a relationship, I want you to remember; you are a special human being. It’s that simple, you are an individual. There is only one of you on this earth. Now isn’t that special? I think so. You are a woman. You are stronger then you think and mightier then how you feel. We give birth, keep a home and maintain a family. We have careers (yes stay at home moms, this is your career – raising tomorrows youth to be productive adults is the most important career in the field) and still we create balance in our world by loving those around us. I want you all to remember that you are an individual. Aside from family, spouse or significant other, you are your own person first. Relish the fact that you can be your own person. Enjoy the simple pleasures of doing something for your self. Have no guilt for a girls night out. Have no guilt for taking in 9 holes. Have no guilt for taking time with yourself just to realize that you are still a woman first, spouse second. I think we forget who we are sometimes. Couples and relationships have compromises and more power to you for keeping the balance. This is not a balance between home and your career; this is the balance between who you are and who you are in your relationship. There is no shame, guilt or reprimand for doing and being your own person. If there is then it is time to rediscover yourself for who you are. A person should never feel guilty for being the person they are. After all, you are unique. There isn’t anyone like you and you should never have to change that. If you do, then how special you are will be lost. Growth, hope and happiness are the key to balance. Growth in your relationship, because you need to continually grow as a human being to maintain balance as a couple. We have to remember that we don’t stop grown as a person just as our relationships never stop growing. We still grow in our own likes, dislikes and enjoy our own personal experiences. We should never sacrifice one for the other. Hope for new horizons and all the promises that you know are out there. Hope is like a kid in a candy store. It’s exciting and keeps that inner spirit young, fruitful and full of promises yet to come. We should never loose that inner joy that keeps us from looking forward. Don’t loose the joy of being you. Happiness is being fine with who you are in the life that you have. Roll in it because you deserve to be happy being you with the person you are with. Sometimes we do create our own happiness, but it should never come at a price for forfeiting who we are as an individual person. True happiness is being alive and active with love and acceptance of those around us. To all of you out there, this discussion is for you. Don’t forget who you are. Be strong in who you are. Don’t loose yourself to another. Remember you are a woman first. I am woman hear me roar!
2 responses
• India
5 Aug 09
I think woman have always been more strong internally .They always had the better temperament and the patience that the men counterpart did not had.I WOULD SAY THAT in a relationship both are involved equally ,but it is the men who escape unhurt and woman have to face the music of the society and suffer from the emotional trauma.So its time now for the woman to stand up for themselves and be counted and be renamed.Have a nice day
• Lithuania
5 Aug 09
oh.. i hate these words... its make me crazy..