Do you Experienced this ..........

Bangalore, India
August 3, 2009 10:33pm CST
Usually I leave my home by 7.45 in the morning and today I have some appointment in the city . I can leave by 9 in the morning and thought of log in mylot. As I was late to reach yesterday, I wanted to comment on the responses I got yesterday. I noticed that the internet is very slow and finally I couldnt do what I thought.Do you have any such experience
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• Philippines
4 Aug 09
time is gold., yes sometimes i experienced this inconvinient thing with regards in the internet connection. there was a time that we want to rush things right but that's the time the internet is very slow., its very disgusting and i felt bad about it. if that will happen to me again, i just rather turn off my computer than wasting my time waiting for nothing or waiting for long process of downloading sites.
• Bangalore, India
4 Aug 09
Hi..ruby Thank you for particpating in this discussion abd sharing your views. Even I had experienced the same thing as we want to rush things the connection will become very slow. I agree with you that if it is slow it is better to turn off rather wating the time and the power. But most people have the tendency to retry and retry. Once again thand you and wish you good luck!!!