Do you get overwhelmed seeing responses of people over your discussions ?

August 4, 2009 2:20am CST
Do you sometimes get overwhelmed by seeing responses of people over discussions you have started. Some bogus discussions fetched 20 to 40 responses where as a great topic has got 0 or 1 response. It's very difficult to understand human psychology.
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• United States
4 Aug 09
Many times, people don't act seriously on the internet. They are hiding behind a screen, untouchable, unseen, and are more likely to respond to something still, that does not require a lot of thought or feelings. Expression is something that most people really don't show, espcially to strangers. If a discussion is an off the wall question, then it will draw more response, even crazy answers, because no one is taking the time to see if it is really a "question". A serious question, will draw answers from those who are genuine in their response, normally. Sometimes, those hiding behind their screen, will throw off any type of answer. I can't figure how some of the answers come out, but i do think that people should take the time to actually give a good, truthful, and honest answer, if they are going to give an answer at all. I have seen many answers across the internet, where people just "answer" even with a single syllable or a single word. They don't care, and are just there, to make thier presence known. They dont' want to actually "be" known.
@fishman8 (104)
• Australia
4 Aug 09
mylot is a wonderful place to get discussions but some don't get as much reply's as others i think because someone else has already asked or said that same thing before.
• India
4 Aug 09
I think more than human psychology it has to do with the network of friends or referrals or something else which we are not publicly aware of. You make a very valid observation, something that has intrigued me for a very long timeā€¦people posting repetitive and boring discussion getting so many responses or people with so less number of posts getting stars of 10! Its really surprising how a lot many things work here at mylot.