Do you think that stories and the media have given wolves a bad rap?

By Link
United States
August 4, 2009 3:46am CST
Do you think that stories and the media have given wolves a bad rap? Like in Little Red Riding Hood, a favourite story of mine, the wolf is a bad guy, and in some stories a woodsman comes by and kills the wolf (some even more gruesome where the woodsman cuts the wolf open to pull out the grandma). And movies about werewolves and they show them being vicious and evil in their wolf-like form. There are few that make them out to be good. There are fantasy stories that do and even some romance books, but for the most part I think people see wolves as dangerous and bad. Do you think this is because of stories and lore?
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@olisaur (1932)
• United States
16 Feb 10
Yes, I do think stories and media have given wolves (as well as snakes, spiders and other "creppy crawlies") bad reputations- they always get put into the "bad guy" role, and so people tend to think their malicious creatures in real life.
@Latalia (37)
• United States
25 Jan 10
I believe that yes, the media has cast a negative light on the wolf, but that isn't true. Wolves are just misunderstood, and they aren't mean to humans at all, unless they have rabies or are provoked. Otherwise they try to stay away from people because we actually scare them. The wolf is just prejudiced against because we have domestic dogs and the wolf won't be tamed, so therefore it is an alien entity and is to be feared.
@WereWulf (16)
• United States
30 Aug 09
Okay I just wrote like, 2 paragraphs and I wasn't signed it ;-; So I'll sum it up. I do in fact think movies and books ruined the reputation of these wondrous creatures. Being a werewolf can mean two things, shifting from a man into a werewolf and going on a murderous rampage, killing numerous human victims, or it can mean a stronger version of an anthro species. A werewolf would be a stronger version of an anthro wolf. Get it? Good! I'm going to stop rambling nao!
@chocsie (262)
• Greece
16 Aug 09
Ohh yeah.. There's also the big bad wolf in the 3 little pigs story. I remember once I read a different version of the 3 little pigs when I was a kid. The wolf was the good guy and the pigs were the villains. I felt so bad for the wolf after that :P But yeah, most people associate wolves with all these stories about werewolves and that stuff. I like wolves, I don't see them the way others do.