parents on facebook

@yelrihs (301)
August 4, 2009 8:23am CST
i heard recently that the number of people joining facebook has fallen because many parents started joining as well. i even found my aunty in it!! then i felt obligated to add her as my friend. this restrict me from posting or commenting as i like and i gotta watch my language too!!!! anyone having the same problem?
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• United States
4 Aug 09
Yeah, my mom is on Facebook and my brother and sister inlaw too! I'm not worried so much about language and what gets posted as I am pictures! Typically I don't have pics that are too terribly crazy but sometimes I do! I guess that's what privacy settings are for but I don't like doing that because its not like you can just restrict them some seeing one picture its all or nothing! I have learned to detag myself from pics and then they don't go on your profile but still, kind of a bummer!
• Indonesia
4 Aug 09
Yes! My aunties and uncles add me and feel I must confirm their request for courtesy. And all my teacher in facebook too! Then my father's relatives add me also! It makes me crazy, really! I have a boyfriend and until now my parents don't know about it (and I don't have any plan to let them now in a close period of time)so now I'm considering whether change my status into "single" or not and how can I explain to all my friends who ask? "What happened to you and him?" and I will answer "There's my family here". It sounds silly! and I must think twice before post any shout out there. Before this, facebook is a place for me to meet my elementary and high school friend. I can make any comment there. I don't say I can't make any comment after my family member join or I use bad words so I afraid of my family.. That's not it, but I just feel being watched by them for all my activity there.. They will know about it and in family gathering they can talk about it in front of my parents.. Thanks God, my parents haven't made any facebook account yet..
@Andrepc13 (422)
• Jamaica
4 Aug 09
yeh it's so true like most of my highschool and college friends are on facebook, but now even some of my teachers hae joined, im like what the hell lol, then it went from the teachers to uncles and aunts lol, ahhhhh!!!!!!!! lol i can't take it they need to make a facebook for people over 45 years old or something lol. because i want to comment and do what ever i want to without being constantly watched.
@ShibbyKid (279)
• United States
4 Aug 09
My gawd, yes! It feels like my whole family on my dad's side has a facebook or a myspace. They all add me!! Yeah, i want to talk to them but not on my social networking sites, ha ha. I would much rather text them or call them. I can not post something like "I love that boy" without my father making a comment about it... It get embarrassing. (He even says he loves me and calls me baby girl.) No i am not one of those preppy girls, i am just the one fed up with her family. Dad lives in Arizona, i am in Missouri, and he still gets under my skin. Ha ha.