have you been experience having an embarrassing date

August 4, 2009 9:18am CST
as far as i can recall, i went out with a guy before for a dinner in one of the restaurant here. so happened that my friends was also there though we didnt share table.. but the guy, upon realizing that my friends was there, he told me told me that we should them instead... so we did, since he insisted.. we talk a lot of things and get carried away with our discussions and that we keep on ordering foods.. and so there you go the bills, the guy called me up on my mobile asking me if i can add some money for the bill coz he forgot to bring his credit card and that the cash is not enough to pay the bill. well, its ok with me.. but i ws very disappointed.. after that i didnt bother to talk to him... i mean my point is.. he supposed to have his credit card or debit card handy in a situation like that, just for emergency coz you will can never tell what will happen.
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