Is a fragile body a symptom of deppression?

August 4, 2009 10:12pm CST
How our mental condition affect our body health? Is a fragile body (someone who easily gets sick is a symptom of depression? How to regain strength after dealing with never ending solution?
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• India
5 Aug 09
Dear Riani, yes there is proof to show that depression and stress do weaken the immune system in our bodies, which then in turn makes us more prone to illness. Exercises such as walking, jogging,swimming, yoga, cycling can help release stress and depression and also boost the immune system making us more healthier and resistance to disease. Another reason for depression is that body may not be getting enough vitamin B complex. Please see Personally I use a superfood like spirulina to help give me my daily dose of vitamins and minerals and a good boost to the immune system. The other thing that helps me keep depression at bay is doing some regular spiritual activity. Take care
• Indonesia
6 Aug 09
Thanks dear, yap.. you are right. I think my friend needs to take a rest and not to think a lot about her problems.
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• United States
5 Aug 09
Depression can affect the human person in many ways in my opinion. From the physical health to the mental image that one has of themselves. I have seen in a person that with the lack of self confidence would say they were sick even if they were not. Then a few days later, yep they were sick. Can we think our self sick? I believe it is possible. The mind of a human is so complex and capable of so much how can it not affect our physical body if the mind is not doing well.