Autotune ruin the music! Agree or against it?

August 4, 2009 11:24pm CST
Hey fellow myLotters, do you guys know about Autotune? If not, listen to Kanye's brand new songs, like Heartless, Love Lockdown, which adjust his voice to make his pitch level right on. It is also made weird effect on the noises, like what Lil Wayne did on his songs. But I think the use of autotune is too much right now, like every singer did this trick, even they with amazing voice! Mariah Carey use it in Obsessed and Jamie Foxx use it on Blame It! Both of them has amazing voice which I think don't need any adjustment on their voice. So, do you agree with this technology in music, o you against it
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@Idlewild (6094)
• United States
5 Aug 09
I'd rather not have it, but if someone uses it to make their voice sound more in-tune it doesn't bug me that much. What really DOES bother me is when singers use Autotune to produce that artificial, synthetic fake-sounding vocal effect. Whenever I hear that on the radio I immediately change the station. It's very gimmicky and in fashion these days, apparently, and I'm hoping it will go out of fashion soon!
• Indonesia
6 Aug 09
Haha..true true. Lots of singers do it today, I think it all started with T-Pain, Kanye and Lil Wayne using it intensely in their songs. For Kanye, I don't mind he use autotune, cause he sound so much better with it and I really love his latest album. I'm hoping big class singer like Beyonce, Gaga, Justin, Ne-Yo is not tempted to use too much autotune in their songs. But for singers like Britney, I don't mind she's using one. Oh yeah Miley Cyrus I also don't mind, she's always horrendeous whenever performing live, not that I watching her often lol.
• United States
5 Aug 09
Me personally I don't have no problem with Autotune. But it is alot of ppl that are overly using the Autotune and really can't sing worth crap lol. It shouldn't be a crutch for artists.