@yelrihs (301)
August 5, 2009 9:00am CST
i seem to always have this telepathic connection with my sister. she seem to always be able to guess what i was thinking, and vice versa. most of the time we would say the same stuff or words at the same time in a conversation, and we will laugh about how we were so connected!!! have you ever experienced this? with whom? please share your story...
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• India
5 Aug 09
Yes I also feel such a connection with my daughter. It has happened many a time that I will be thinking about some thing very deeply and she comes out with the same idea or some times even same words. It would look as though I am thinking and speaking through her and viceversa
• Philippines
5 Aug 09
I have only met one who thinks the same way I do. The person is a very special close friend of mine. The person says the same things I would say, comments the same way I would, feels the same way I feel. At times, it is redundant to say things out loud because this very special close friend of mine would already know even if I don't say things. Some other times, it can be annoying. The synchrony does not work at all times perfectly. There were moments when we thought we were thinking of the same thing but ended up arguing. Those moments were the dark corners of our relationship which actually have strengthened us in a way. One thing, may this telepathy we share with special people in our lives stay the same for ever. Would you not agree?